Bridal Bouquet

My Process

You have a love story.

You are each others best friends.

You hold hands a certain way that only you know.

He kisses your forehead before you leave for work.

You know who’s the big spoon, and the little spoon.

You know if she needs water before bed.

Maybe you brush your teeth together.

Maybe you always open the car door for her.

Maybe you make her coffee every morning.

These things are real.

They are small insignificant things, and you might not realize the greatness of their importance, but without them it would feel like something's missing.

Each one is important to me and important in telling your story.

My Process

I’m about people, I’m about you.

I’m all about the real moments.

I’m about unique photos because they are yours and you are unlike any other person, unlike any other day with any other couple.

This is YOUR story and I want your photos to be, well, yours.


I look to you for inspiration.

I watch how you smile, how your eyes get shiny when you look at each other.

And, even those eye rolls, embarrassing snorts and how you love one another.

Staring into a camera doesn't capture the full story. I think the most powerful thing about photography, is that it brings you back to that moment, and if that moment is real, it comes with a million emotions, thoughts and memories.

Being a storyteller means that I weave together all the elements that were carefully crafted to create this day. Yes, there are the traditional family shots and of course the details — the dress, the bouquet, the decor — all the things that make up your wedding day. But beyond that, I aim to find the most unique and honest way to tell the story of your special day.

Vintage Wedding


What inspires me is magical lighting, kind hearts, quirky moments, heartwarming speeches and toasts, intimate moments, and raw, real love is what inspires me. I document all the big important moments, but also the in-betweens. The things that are so yours, you didn't even know they were a thing until you saw it, and it's like your secret is forever timestamped.


I cannot wait to work with you and tell your story!

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